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Chef's Choice

Chefs Choice - 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

It's the world's most versatile sharpener, engineered to apply incredibly sharp edges on all your Euro/American and Asian style knives (15° and 20° class knives).  

  • 3-Stage, AngleSelect® system for optimum versatility in providing perfect edges for each type of knife: kitchen, sports, pocket and serrated knives.   
  • 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing   
  • Patented flexible stropping/polishing disks for a upper sharp, microscopically flawless polished edge
  • Engineered to put a razor sharp edge on all quality knives! 

With this one sharpening system, you can sharpen both 20 degree and 15 degree class knives.

This patented advanced technology electric sharpener can restore and recreate both, a 20 degree edge for traditional European and American style knives and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives and contemporary European/American style knives.

The Chef’sChoice® Model 1520 will quickly and easily sharpen virtually all quality cutlery including American, European or Asian style household knives; fine edge or serrated blades; Santoku and traditional Japanese style single- bevel edges including the thicker Deba style blades; as well as sports knives and pocket knives.

Better Than Factory Edges: 

The Model 1520 will apply a better than factory, original edge geometry on virtually all cutlery with just one versatile sharpener.

Incorporating the highly precise angle controls of the patented 3-Stage AngleSelect® system and the Diamond Hone® technology that has made Chef’sChoice sharpeners world renowned and the choice of leading chefs worldwide, the Model 1520 sharpener is the perfect solution for restoring and recreating razor sharp edges on all types of quality cutlery.

It features optimum versatility in providing the perfect, incredibly sharp edge for every type of knife.

How It Works: 

To sharpen Asian style knives or modern Euro/American style knives at a 15 degree angle, Stage 1 and Stage 3 are used.

To sharpen 20 degree class knives, Stages 2 and 3 are used.

The initial stages sharpen and hone the edge using 100% diamond abrasives while Stage Three, which is similar to a barber’s strop, polishes the edge with a flexible stropping/polishing disk for a super sharp, microscopically flawless polished edge.

Stage 3 is also used to sharpen serrated knives.

Spring Guide System: 

The Chef’sChoice Model 1520 features an advanced spring guide system that insures optimum control for effortless precision guided sharpening, allowing more accurate control of blade’s sharpening angle and eliminating all guesswork.

The advanced spring guide will allow the sharpening of virtually all knives, including thick knives and cleavers.

Engineered and assembled in the U.S.

Number of Sharpening Stages: 3

Abrasive: 100% diamond abrasives and flexible stropping

Sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives: Yes

Resulting Edge Angle: 15 or 20 degree

Pre-Sharpening Stage: No

Sharpening Stage: Yes-combined sharpening /honing

Stropping Stage: Yes

Steeling Stage: No

Single-sided Knife Sharpening: Yes

Time Required to Sharpen: Approximately 1 minute for first time sharpening. 

Resharpening is approximately 10 seconds.

Product Dimensions:        

Length: 25.5cm

Width: 11cm

Height: 11cm

Warranty: 3 year

Includes: Instruction manual

Stock Code: 00503

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