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Appetito – Brass Wire Skimmer Medium

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Appetito – Brass Wire Skimmer Medium

The long bamboo handle keeps hands away from high heat and splatters.

Create tasty family favorites such as crispy chicken tenders, fried apple fritters, or even egg rolls or crab rangoons using the double fry technique popular for achieving the perfect crispiness.

With this Brass Wire Skimmer, your frying possibilities are endless!


  • Brass wire skimmer 9cm
  • Also known as a mesh skimmer or spider skimmer
  • Traditionally for Chinese cuisine and double frying techniques
  • Long handle keeps hands away from high heat and splatters
  • Round shape is perfectly suited for use with a wok or saucepan for rice, eggs rolls, and crab rangoons


Skimmers have larger capacities than slotted spoons and more open area for faster, safer drainage

  •    Great for frying french fries, chicken, fritters, etc
  •    Skim spices and herbs like bay leaves floating on top of soups and stews

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