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Avanti – 20cm Bamboo Steamer

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Avanti – 20cm Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo Steamer has two tiers to enable you to steam twice as much at the same time as a traditional steamer.

On the lower level where the steam is more direct place your heavier vegetables like carrots, potatoes, or cauliflower.

On the upper level place items that cook quicker like broccoli, zucchini, and asparagus. Steaming is a healthy, delicious cooking method — adding no fat or grease while bringing out food’s natural flavor.

The perfect addition for any kitchen Bamboo will not swell, split, or absorb moisture.

Bamboo is a grass – not wood – and an abundant renewable resource, so each time you use a bamboo kitchen tool, you may save the life of a beautiful tree.

Bamboo is stronger than wood, dishwasher safe and will not scratch even your finest cookware.

Good cooks everywhere will tell you that the proper accessories can make the difference between a cooking success and disaster. 

Soak Baskets before Use for Maximum effciency.


  • 2 Stackable steamer baskets with 1 Lid
  • Traditional domes lid traps steam efficiently
  • High quality bamboo stitching will not corrode or deteriorate
  • 8mm Solid Slats on base will take heavy loads.

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