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Gefu – Garlico Garlic Cutter

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Gefu – Garlico Garlic Cutter

With the stylish Garlico garlic cutter from GEFU cutting garlic becomes a piece of cake.

The garlic clove is not crushed but cut into small cubes or rods.

It doesn’t only taste better, the garlic can more evenly be spread out and doesn’t leave fibres.

Without applying too much pressure the garlic is pressed through the cutter.

Afterwards you can simply remove the garlic from the cutter with a small knife.

The design is stable, simple and executed with an ergonomic handle.

The removable cutting surface ensures that you can easily clean the tool when you are done using it.

The garlic cutter is made from stainless steel and high-quality plastic and is dishwasher-proof.

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