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Greenpan – Heritage 24cm DEEP Frypan

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Greenpan – Heritage 24cm DEEP Frypan

Diamond Reinforced Long Lasting Ceramic Non-Stick.

Our healthy ceramic non-stick coating called Thermolon™ is made from a sand derivative that does not require the use of toxic chemicals like PFOA or PFAS during the production process. Safe for your loved ones, good for the environment.

Thermolon™ is heat resistant up to high temperatures (as high as 450°C). So should you accidently overheat your pan*, it won’t blister or release toxic fumes.

*Did you know? On some stovetops it only takes 3 minutes for any cookware to overheat.

Thermolon™ coating is a great heat conductor. That means you can cook at a lower heat setting and save energy. What’s more, your pan will get to temperature quickly and cook your food more evenly.

The Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick surface allows you to use less oil of butter while still achieving excellent frying results. Food releases quickly and easily, plus, cleanup is a breeze. Just wipe your pan clean with a soft cloth and soapy water, no need for scrubbing.

60% less CO2 is emitted during the curing phase of production of Thermolon™ coatings, compared to the emissions during the curing phase of production of traditional coatings.

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