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Kuhn Rikon – Duromatic Stainless Steel 22cm Double Handle Pressure Cooker 8Ltr (Made in Switzerland)

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Kuhn Rikon – Duromatic Stainless Steel 22cm Double Handle Pressure Cooker 8Ltr (Made in Switzerland)

   Please large crowds with delicious meats and soups, and stock the freezer with pre-cooked meals. The elegant classic model with the timeless design and so easy to use. Ideal for large and small families, singles or couples. The two side handles are designed for easy lifting and compact storage.

SAFE – The integrated locking system (prevents opening under pressure) and the four safety steam release systems make the DUROMATIC® an extremely safe pressure cooker.

FAST – Cooking with the DUROMATIC® takes on average, just one-third of the time of conventional cooking.

HEALTHY – the DUROMATIC® will cook high-fiber, low-fat foods in record time AND preserve essential vitamins and nutrients.

ECONOMICAL – The DUROMATIC® pressure cooker is so much quicker, it will save you time and use up to 70% less energy.

QUALITY – DUROMATIC® Pressure Cookers are made of 18/10 stainless steel with a solid aluminum Superthermic® sandwich base for use on all heat sources, including induction stovetops.

    Side grips – easier to store and can be easier to lift as the weight is evenly distributed.

    Capacity marks on the inside: one-half and two-thirds fill levels.

    Easy positioning triangles allow you to close the lid with minimum fuss.

    Includes a trivet, instruction manual. 

To ensure you get the best from your DUROMATIC® Pressure Cooker please follow the detailed instructions supplied with the pressure cooker.

It’s really easy to use a DUROMATIC® Pressure Cooker. Follow the recipe, when you’re ready to bring the pan up to pressure, close the lid, place on the heat, wait till the pressure indicator in the lid has lifted to the right pressure, then control the pressure by turning the heat on the stovetop up or down. Once it is set you can leave it to cook.

The DUROMATIC® pressure cooker has two pressure settings. At 5.8 psi the valve is at the first red ring – use this setting for cooking food such as fish, rice, lentils and most fruit. At 11.6 psi, the second red ring, the pressure is ideal for pulses, meat and root vegetables – use this setting for older recipes that refer to 15 psi.

When the cooking time has been reached the pressure can be released naturally by just turning off the heat, it can be released quicker by depressing the pressure indicator until all the steam has been released, or place the rim of the pressure cooker under tepid running water to cool the pan and reduce the pressure.

    Hand-washing is recommended – for normal soiling, use warm water and dish liquid.

    For a more intensive clean, a build-up of limescale or any discoloration use our SWISS CLEANER

    Avoid abrasive cleaners or the use of dishwashers as this can damage the surface and handles of the pan.

    Never remove food stuck to the pan with sharp objects such as knives, steel wool or scourers.

    Limescale can be easily removed with vinegar or lemon juice.

Kuhn Rikon warranty for pressure cookers:

10-year guarantee on the pressure cooker body and handles

2-year warranty on all parts subject to wear such as gaskets, valves, valve caps, and internal components.

Warranty does not cover damage to the pressure cooker due to overheating, general misuse or commercial use.

Weight: 4.0823Kg/9 lbs.

Diameter: 22.86cm/9″

Depth: 22.86cm/9″

Capacity: 7.9494Ltr/8.4 qt.

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