Nostalgic Ceramics
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Nostalgic – Eygptian Textiles Coasters 10.5×10.5cm Set of 4

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Nostalgic – Eygptian Textiles Coasters 10.5×10.5cm Set of 4

This collection featuring a lacquered surface finish making them smooth and silky to touch.Stain resistant

Easy to wipe clean

With a lacquered edge finish it adds durability and prevents moisture damage to the beautiful surface design.

A 4mm thickness and cork back makes these coasters slip resistant.Textiles were manufactured and exchanged in Iran, Eygpt and the Middle East long before the birth of Mohammad in the 7th Century.It has been proven that there was some kind of commercial exchange between China, Eygpt and the Roman Empire.Silk probably coming from China was found on an Eygptian Mummy dated 1000BC in Thebes in 1993; the Roman Poet Virgil (70-19BC) referred to the Chinese Silk in the Georgics, Verse 121, Book 2

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