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Nostalgic – Persian Textiles Placemats 29×21.5cm Set of 4

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Nostalgic – Persian Textiles Placemats 29×21.5cm Set of 4

This collection featuring a lacquered surface finish making them smooth and silky to touch.

Stain resistant

Easy to wipe clean

With a lacquered edge finish it adds durability and prevents moisture damage to the beautiful surface design.

A 4mm thickness and cork back makes these Mats slip resistant.Persian Textile:The name invokes images of mystery and beauty,At one time this great empire stretched from Turkey to Afghanistan and from the edge of India to the borders of Armenia.For hundres of years, Persian Artisans were some of the best the world had to offer.Goods and artisans were highly desired throught the medival world.Persian embroidery was no exception.

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