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Royal VKB – Napkin Cup Coffee

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Royal VKB – Napkin Cup Coffee

Party snacks, Finger foods and Tapas are all becoming more popular as small snacks that are served during cocktail time before dinner.To make eating such snacks easier and more hygenic paper napkins and cocktail sticks are often used thus inextricably linking them with snacks!

Until now all of these items, the snacks, cocktail sticks and napkins, have been served seperately from each other making it difficult to serve with just two hands.

The Napkin Cup of Royal VKB offers the solution.

With a combined holder for both napkins and cocktail sticks you simply put everything on the table or on the plate in an instant and with one hand of course! It is also easier now to pass the snacks among your guests.

A winner too for outdoor use as it means nothing will get blown away no matter how high the breeze!

Contents NOT included

Our Napkin Cup is available in eight colours and is suitable for the dishwasher.

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