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Selleys – BBQ Tough Wipes 12 Pack


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Selleys – BBQ Tough Wipes 12 Pack

Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes are an effective, quick and convenient way to clean your BBQ every time you use it.

They are perfect for BBQ surfaces and the powerful cleaning nodules loosen and power through tough dirt while the strong cloth traps the grime and absorbs grease leaving a fresh, clean and healthier cooking surface.


  • Cleans & absorbs BBQ grease & grime   
  • Powerful cleaning nodules to scrub through built up grime without scratching surfaces   
  • Quick & easy to clean before or after you cook   
  • Healthier BBQ surface to reduce the spread of germsWhere can this product be used?   
  • Cleaning your BBQ in the lead up to the summer entertaining season   
  • Keeping your BBQ surfaces spotless and healthy, before and/or after each time you have a BBQ

What materials is this product suitable for?   

  • BBQ Plates, Grills & Racks   
  • Hood   
  • Rotisserie   
  • Wok Burners   
  • Utensils   
  • Interior Health Grills   
  • Public BBQs Handy tips   

Use the wipe with the ‘nodule’ side down   

One to two wipes are needed per BBQ cleaning session.    *

More wipes may be required if the BBQ is very large or very dirty.

Safety tips   

Grease will be easier to remove if the BBQ is slightly warm. Warm the BBQ, turn it off, ensure it is cool enough to touch, then clean.

12 Pack

25x30cm Wipe

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