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Shun – Pro Sho Usuba Knife 16.5cm

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Shun – Pro Sho Usuba Knife 16.5cm

The Shun Classic Pro Usuba is the quintessential Japanese vegetable knife. With its flat blade and squared-off tip, it is perfect for push/pull vegetable chopping.

The straight edge cleanly contacts the cutting board so there is no need for the rocking cut used with a chef’s knife.

Since the entire blade contacts the board, there is much less chance to “accordion” vegetableswhen the vegetable slices are still connected at the bottom because the knife hasn’t quite cut all the way through.

The Shun Pro Sho series focuses exclusively on single edged and thus traditional Japanese blade shapes.

Thanks to an extremely high standard of manufacture and material properties, the series is particularly suitable for continuous professional use. 

A visual highlight of the knives, they are elaborately decorated with an ornamental pattern in an innovative manufacturing process.

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