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Spice & Co – Mustard Ground 60g


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Spice & Co – Mustard Ground 60g

Powdered mustard is simply finely ground mustard seed. Mustard is widely known for its sharp flavour. This characteristic flavour is an essential component of many dressings and sauces world-wide. Unlike other “hot” flavours, the flavour profile of mustard does not linger. Rather it presents itself quickly, dissipates, and leaves little or no after-taste.

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    Ground Mustard can be used to make fresh table mustard. Mustard powder should be first added to cold water and allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes. Herb Vinegar, olive oil and other flavours such as Tarragon, Marjoram or 0regano can then be added.

    Freshly prepared mustard can be mixed with ground Cumin, Paprika, Smoked paprika, Black Mustard Seeds & Black Pepper to make a great flavoured paste to rub over joints of Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken prior to roasting.

    Mix fresh ground mustard with pureed apricots or diluted apricot jam to make a glaze for Baked Ham.

Resealable Sachet

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Nothing Artificial

No Additives

No Bulking Agents

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