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Spice & Co – Oregano Leaves 20g


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Spice & Co – Oregano Leaves 20g

Oregano is native to the Mediterranean and South America and has a strong peppery and lemon herbal flavour. It is widely used throughout the cuisines of Greece (Souvlaki) and Italy (pasta sauces, pizza etc). Oregano is widely used to flavour oils, vinegars and homemade dressings. 

Uses and Ideas!  ©

    Sprinkle oregano and red chilli flakes over feta and drizzle with olive oil – Serve on an antipasto platter.

    Oregano can be dusted on pizzas and foccacia.

    Scatter oregano over chicken breasts, lamb kebabs (souvlaki) or white fish fillets with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper – squeeze over fresh lemon and serve with a Greek salad or herbed vegetables.

    Oregano goes well with feta cheese, tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, onions, garlic and green vegetables such as beans, celery and artichokes.

    Add oregano to pasta sauces, vinaigrettes or marinades with olives, capers and anchovies etc.

    Use oregano when baking whole fish, shellfish with fennel or rustic platters of market fresh root vegetables with balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil.

Resealable Sachet

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Nothing Artificial

No Additives

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