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Spice & Co – Pepper – Black Cracked 55g


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Spice & Co – Pepper – Black Cracked 55g

Black pepper is regarded for its strong aromatic pungency and lingering heat. All peppercorns (green, black, white and pink) are in fact the same berry at different stages of maturity. Black peppercorns are the picked green berries that have been dried. The berries contain the inner “white” core that is white pepper as can be seen when using ‘cracked’ pepper. Black pepper is more fragrant than white pepper. Cracked black pepper goes well with all red meats and is convenient for a quick rub for pepper steak. Cracked black pepper can be used to add fragrant heat to casseroles, meat loafs, hamburger, and marinades. Cracked pepper goes well when Asian style stir fries require a little non chilli heat.  

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    Make a quick black pepper steak stir fry – place 1 tbsp of cracked pepper in a hot wok (per 400 gms sliced beef sirloin or rib eye). Let the pepper smoke briefly before removing (reserving). Char the beef in the wok with peanut oil sesame oil, garlic, ginger, onions, and capsicum red/yellow and green onions. Add the pepper, oyster sauce, Chinese wine (optional). Toss well and serve.

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