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Wusthof – Classic Yanagiba Gift Set (Made in Germany)

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Wusthof – Classic Yanagiba Gift Set (Made in Germany)

With the new Wusthof Classic Yanagiba Set those who always wanted to be able to finely slice sushi and sashimi will really appreciate this knife.

The Yanagiba – which literally translates as “willow leaf” – is the epitome of the traditional Japanese knife. It is a standard feature in the kitchen of every professional Japanese chef. Using the special cutting technique (the cut is made almost horizontally to the cutting base), wafer-thin slices can be chopped/cut/separated.


    Yanagiba with blade guard.

    The knife is primarily used with a pulling motion in one direction only. This means that the blade produces a completely clean cut.

    The Yanagiba knife is forged from red-hot chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel and hardened to 58° Rockwell. In accordance with Japanese forging methods, the knife made by the specialists in Solingen also has a one-sided edge.

    The ergonomic Classic handle not only fits nicely in the hand, it also ensures a safe hold when cutting. To prevent the blade from being damaged during storage, it also comes with the appropriate kind of protection. Included with the knife is a bamboo sheath in which the blade can be safely stored away. Magnets fitted inside the sheath also fix the blade so that it will not slip or slide out of the bamboo sheath by mistake.

    If cutting performance deteriorates, the Yanagiba can easily be sharpened using a whetstone.

    This outstanding Yanagiba set makes a great gift, expressing esteem for the person receiving the gift.

    Blade length 23 cm (9?).

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