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Avanti – Simmer Chef 20cm

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Avanti – Simmer Chef 20cm

The Avanti® SimmerChef Heat Diffuser makes long, slow simmering and gentle pan frying easy.

Suitable for use on any cooktop, it is ideal when making casseroles, soups, sauces, stock, custard, jam and melting chocolate.

SimmerChef allows you to control the temperature of your cooking surface and replaces the need for a slow cooker, double boiler and rice cooker.

Featuring 7 strategically placed cones, the SimmerChef prevents hot spots because heat is spread evenly under the base of the pot – so there’s no catching, burning or spoiling and ensures long slow cooking.

20cm diameter

Made from enameled steel

Can be used on any cooking surface

Does not require pre-heating

Spreads heat evenly to prevent hot spots

Dishwasher safe


1. Cook food or bring pot to the boil as normal. Remove pot from the cook top and turn down the heat.

2. Place the SimmerChef over the heat source as marked based on the type of cook top.

NEVER preheat the SimmerChef

• For gas, electric or solid fuel cooker place the SimmerChef on the cooking surface with POINTS UP.

• For induction, glass or ceramic surfaces, place the SimmerChef on the surface POINTS DOWN.

3. Place pot on top of the SimmerChef and place lid on the pit to retain moisture.

• NEVER LEAVE THE SimmerChef on a heat source without a pot on top.

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