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Benzer – Ecozon Bamboo Utensil Set of 4

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Benzer – Ecozon Bamboo Utensil Set of 4

Bamboo is a very quick growing grass and can easily be harvested again and again in the same spot without destroying the entire plant. 

No pesticides are used in bamboo plantations.

Another feature is that bamboo bio-degrades like any other type of wood will when left out in the elements so they can be deposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bamboo is lightweight, strong and durable.

The surface is also very safe when it comes to harmful bacteria; there are no grooves or gashes where bugs can hide whilst cleaning the surface.

Their natural colour will never fade as no dyes or staining agents are used; you can find some visually stunning designs combining two different shades of bamboo together on the one surface.

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