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Benzer – Far East Collection Black Carbon Steel Frypan 28cm

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Benzer – Far East Collection Black Carbon Steel Frypan 28cm

In the Far East black steel has been a popular metal for cookware untensils since the 19th Century.

Much lighter than Cast-Iron, a black steel pan lasts forever.

With frequent use the pan acquires natural non-stick properties that won’t chip, scratch or peel off.

Unlike non-stick pans, it is safe to use at high temperatures, as well as with metal objects, such as knives, forks or spatulas.

Black steel is compatible with all heat sources, including Induction.

Black Steel: Made from 99% iron, Black Steel is the ideal choice for those who want to use a traditional cookware utensil in their kitchen.

With its thick guage, this cookware performs outstandingly well at high temperatures to quickly seal in vitamins and nutrients, Beautifully sears and grills foods that coated pans cannot.

The more you use Black Steel, the better it performs, as it darkens naturally and becomes nonstick over time.

Free of Chemicals, PFOA and PTFE Coatings, Black Steel naturally enhances the flavour of Steaks, Seafood, Omelettes, Crepes and more, by sealing in nutrients under high heat. high heat.


Height: 4.5cm

Dia: 28cm

Dia of Base: 22.5cm

Length of Handle: 19cm

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