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Bialetti – MOKA Induction Red 6 Cup Espresso Maker

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Bialetti – MOKA Induction Red 6 Cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti’s Moka Induction coffee maker is the first moka pot for induction hobs.

Bialetti’s induction moka pot results from an ongoing quest for new materials, suitable for the changes and evolutions in tastes and habits in Italian kitchens: the octagonal aluminium collector represents tradition and continuity with the historic Moka Express, while the steel boiler means it can be used on induction hobs.

The bi-layer technology of the boiler combines an external steel layer, to ensure operation on induction hobs, with an internal aluminium layer that guarantees even heat distribution.

The classic aluminium collector in our moka pot for induction guarantees a coffee as good as that prepared using the traditional Moka Express.

How to use:

1. Start by pouring the water at room temperature into the Moka boiler and filling it up to the level of the safety valve. To avoid making your coffee too watery, do not fill it over this level.

2. Now choose your preferred ground coffee blend. Caution! The blend must be specifically ground for a Moka pot and not excessively fine. Generously fill the Moka pot’s funnel, without pressing down the coffee.

3. A little secret? Set the heat to low and take all the time necessary; it is worth waiting a few minutes longer so that you can enjoy an excellent coffee. When the coffee has completely risen into the collection chamber, turn off the heat.

4. Now for the crucial moment: tasting. To fully enjoy the aromas released, we advise you to drink the coffee as soon as it is poured into the cup.

Body material: aluminium+steel

Handle material: silicone

Knob material: thermoplastic

Easy-clean safety valve

Not dishwasher safe

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