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Eko – Can Bin Liners 18-21Ltr Pack of 20

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Eko – Can Bin Liners 18-21Ltr Pack of 20

Get your dirty business done without rips, tears, or spills! 

These extra strong plastic Bin Can Liner Bags perfectly fit your EKO bins and other bins with similar dimensions.

Thanks to the clever design, you can now avoid that unsightly bin bucket overlap in your kitchen, bathroom, office and more.

Say goodbye to bad smells in your abode, as the sturdy drawstring handles enable you to seal the bags, preventing waste odours from escaping.

The drawstring handles also conveniently facilitate easy lifting and handling, so that you won’t find yourself struggling to transport a full bag out of your home.

Keep an extra pack of replacement EKO Bin Can Liner Bags handy and never be caught short.

To make life easier, on each packet is a letter code, helping you to identify the size that is best suited to your bin.

The traditional connotations of a trash can are far from pleasant.

EKO thinks that’s rubbish and is here to bin the idea! 

Never before has the humble rubbish bin been such a hot topic.

With the perfect option for every household, EKO is a can collection with an edge.

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