Full Circle
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Full Circle – Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper

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Full Circle – Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper


Cast iron pots and pans are the gentle giants of cookware. They’re big. They’re heavy. And they require a certain… sensitivity. With our toughest reinforced (but not metal) bristles and special scraper, this combo brush needs only water to safely remove even the most stuck-on bits. Like they say, no soap, no problem.


Bamboo, Recycled Plastic, Nylon Bristles

The Tenacious C has an ergonomic bamboo handle, tough nylon bristles and a scraper for the most difficult of caked on food residue.

Ultra tough wide-head brush safely cleans cast iron cookware

Built-in scraper removes even the most stuck-on bits

Scrub away food, not your seasoning

2.56″ x 2.36″ x 9.25″| 6.5cm x 6cm x 23.50cm


Hand Wash with warm water. Dry thoroughly.

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