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‘Krisk’ – Julienne Slicer (Made in Australia)

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‘Krisk’ – Julienne Slicer (Made in Australia)

The KRISK® Julienne Slicer is terrific for garnishes, stir-fries and salads.

Julienne vegetables soaked in iced water will curl into curly tails!Julienne vegetables laid parallel and chopped with a knife into mini-lengths make effective, multi-coloured garnishes.

The KRISK® Julienne Slicer can be used with:






Cucumber… many more can you think of?

Please be sure to:

1. Slice your vegetables (esp. carrots) narrow enough so that they fit very easily into the shaft of the slicer.

2. Dislodge any vegetable that is stuck by hitting the slicer on the bench.

3. Do NOT put your fingers into the slicer at any time – the blades are VERY sharp.

4. Make sure your vegetables are fresh and sliced at room temperature. Vegetables straight from the fridge and aging vegetables will be harder to slice.

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