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Riedel Vinum – Cognac Hennessy 170ml Set of 2 (Made in Germany)

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Riedel Vinum – Cognac Hennessy 170ml Set of 2 (Made in Germany)

RIEDEL BAR is composed of stylish and functional glasses designed to enhance the enjoyment of spirits.

The series showcases the aromatics and flavor characteristics, while minimizing the bite of alcohol.

RIEDEL adopts the same approach in developing spirits glasses as they do to refine their wine glass shapes.

Tasters determine which forms show the most popular spirits and fortified wines to their greatest advantage on the nose and palate, without losing the carefully crafted nuances of distillation to the dominance of alcohol.

The Cognac Hennessy glass is perfect for providing the ideal tasting expirience of Cognac: fruit, body, finesse and fire.

Cognac is mainly served in wide tulip-shaped glasses – in spite of the disadvantages which this traditional shape has for the enjoyment of cognac.

The finely tuned shape of this glass harmonizes aroma and taste, tempers alcohol and stringency of the palate, and empasises the bouquet. The flute-shaped glass allows its contents a very small evaporation surface.

This pack contains two glasses.

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

Year of design: 1998

Volume: 170.0 ccm

Height: 184.0 mm

Type of Manufacturing: machine-made

Material: Crystal

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