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Spiegelau – Beer Classics Tasting Beer Set of 4 (Made in Germany)

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Spiegelau – Beer Classics Tasting Beer Set of 4 (Made in Germany)

The BEER CLASSICS consists of specialised products to suit different styles of beer.

The Beer Classics Tasting Kit combines three traditional beer glass shapes with Spiegelau’s iconic Craft Beer IPA glass developed through tasting workshops.

Produced in durable yet thin glass with a clean-cut rim, these four glasses – Stemmed Pilsner, Lager, IPA, and Wheat Beer – are the essential vessels to encourage head retention, release aroma, and enhance flavour.

This set allows the beer lover to enjoy a wide variety of beer styles, from traditional to the latest trend.

This pack offers a great deal on one Stemmed Pilsner, one Lager, and one Wheat Beer glass from the Beer Classics series, and one IPA from the Craft Beer series.

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.enjoyment of beer.

STEMMED PILSNER: The open mouth of the tulip-shaped Stemmed Pilsner allows for an intense release of flavours. Ideal for Belgian style Ales, Pilsner, powerful Stouts.

LAGER: Being slightly wider at the mouth than at the foot, the Lager glass properly presents the typical flavours and aroma-tics of Pale Lagers, Ales, German ‘Helles’.

IPA: Designed to showcase varying aromatic profiles for the American ‘hop forward’ IPA beer, this glass preserves a frothy head and maintains a comfortably wide opening for the drinker to “nose” the beer.

WHEAT BEER: The tall Wheat Beer glass accentuates the aromas and flavours naturally found in wheat beers. The wide opening at the top enhances the aromas found in spiced beers and fruit flavoured Lambics.

All Spiegelau glasses are dishwasher safe.

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