Willow Tree
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Willow Tree – Signature Collection By My Side Figurine

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Willow Tree – Signature Collection By My Side Figurine

By My side

From each other, over the years, we gather strength, through laughter and tears.

“I have two sisters—as far back as I can remember, the three of us have always been very connected.  Even if they are far away, I feel like they’re always right here, by my side.

“It’s the little, fun, silly moments—thousands of them—that fill me up when I’m with my female friends, be they sisters, girlfriends, cousins… 

Shared experiences and laughter form a lifelong reservoir of trust that allows us to be vulnerable around each other.  And out of vulnerability comes strength.  I know I can count on my sisters and girlfriends whenever I need support… or a good dose of humour.”    – Susan Lordi   

Name: By My Side   

Materials: resin, iron   

Measurements: 9.5″ / 24cm High   

Applied gold leaf. 

Pierced Metal Base    

Interior packaging: recyclable paper pulp   

Dust with a Soft cloth or brush, avoid water or Cleaning Solvents

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