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Zuhause – Arno Espresso Coffee Percolator 6 Cup Platinum Ebony


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Zuhause – Arno Espresso Coffee Percolator 6 Cup Platinum Ebony

Walk into an Italian home and you’re more than likely to spot one of these distinctive octagonal contraptions.

All you need to do is fill the bottom with water, fill the filter basket with freshly ground coffee and put it on the stove and within minutes you will have a rich and delicious coffee.

Read below for more detailed instructions.

Size guide;

The Arno comes in a variety of sizes – each cup corresponding roughly to a ~30-50ml concentrated shot and most people tend to like doubles.

When choosing your size, please bear in mind that the Espresso maker will not work well when partially full, so pick a size that you’ll be happy to fill completely each time.

Many people will have a larger one for groups and a smaller one for solo cups of delicious coffee.

Here are our recommendations in terms of number of people being brewed for:

1 person – 1/2/3 cup

2 people – 4/6 cup

3 people – 6/9 cup

4 people – 9/12 cup

5+ people – 12/18 cup

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